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    Cambridge Visits is accredited to look after visitors by the Managing Agents to the Cambridge Science Park, which was started by Trinity College in 1970, and is still the largest and most successful science park in England.

    15% of all the UK’s science parks, and the head office of the UK Science Park’s Association, are also located within 12 miles of Cambridge - two of the parks specialize in Biotech, and one includes a world class incubator; others cater for spinouts or early-stage companies; visits have been arranged to all Cambridge science parks.

    The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, where 30% of the global Human Genome Mapping Project was carried out, is 8 miles from Cambridge.

    Addenbrooke’s Hospital is one of 15 Academic Health Science Networks in the UK and is currently doubling in size to become one of the most important hubs bringing together patient care, academics and the health industry in Britain.