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    Our Background

    Cambridge is at the heart of the fastest growing economic region in the UK, and its success is built on the new economy - on knowledge-based businesses. The Biotechnology cluster round Cambridge is still expanding, and is home to 25% of all Europe’s biotech SMEs.

    The University of Cambridge – now 805 years old - is playing a leading role in breaking down the barriers between science and business, and training the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.

    Its growing strength in knowledge transfer has helped to re-stimulate the “Cambridge Phenomenon”, encouraging international businesses such as BP, Microsoft, Rolls Royce, and AstraZeneca to invest in research in Cambridge.

    Cambridge Visits works for independent groups and individuals (whether from government, academia, business, or private) from all over the world, and its sister company the Cambridge Training Consortium organises short intensive training courses.

    Cambridge Visits also works for government agencies such as UKTI, the British Council, and the Foreign Office.